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Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture
Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture
Tracy Jacobs
Combine simple techniques and fun materials to create three radiant works of art!
Curiously Similar
Learn accessible techniques for beautiful mixed media!
Lindsay Weirich
with Lindsay Weirich
Bring new energy and interest to your work. Learn inspiring mixed media techniques for working with a variety of acrylic paints, mediums and dry materials.
Bonnie Cutts
with Bonnie Cutts
Throw rules out the window and use gesso, acrylic paint and watercolors to infuse your paper craft projects with eye-catching texture and color!
Ronda Palazzari
with Ronda Palazzari
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Yup, looks like the cactus trend is here to stay. We all love these little prickly plants, and not just when they're in pots! The fun shapes and colors of the desert darlings are super-fun to incorporate into your art as well.
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If I had to give you one piece of advice on how to progress as an artist, it would be this: Keep a daily sketchbook.
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Ahh, summer...full of late sunsets, flickering fireflies and backyard barbecues, where slices of watermelon are fresh and juicy. To freeze time, if only just a tiny little bit, create a watermelon painting. Whether you're a novice painter or a pro with a palette, this four-step process is actually no sweat, and nearly as sweet as the real thing.
by Elise Engh
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Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture