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Breathe new life into your garden design with harmonious color, texture and form! Enjoy this FREE mini-class packed with fresh perspective and professional tips.

Episode descriptions

How To Use Your Free Mini-Class
1 . Episode: How To Use Your Free Mini-Class

Overview on how to use your FREE mini-class.

Introduction & Where to Begin
2 . Episode: Introduction & Where to Begin

Meet your instructor, gardening author and designer Rebecca Sweet. You'll kick off this engaging class by learning how to look at a garden in new ways as you assess its colors, textures and forms. Your observations will help direct your decisions for changing the look and feel of your garden's design.

3 . Episode: Color

Color plays a significant role in every garden, and you'll be amazed by the creative pops of color and nuanced details that you might not have considered before. Rebecca explains the basics of color theory as she walks you through color pairing options and ways to create simple and complex echoes in your chosen palette throughout your garden with foliage, flowers, and much more.

4 . Episode: Texture

Gardens are a thrill for the senses, and our sense of touch is no exception! Discover how to incorporate a variety of texture into your landscaping and hardscaping elements, ranging from subtle repeating patterns of soft leaves to surprising designs like spongy bark and sharp succulents.

Shape & Form
5 . Episode: Shape & Form

Explore how shape and form play into the visual impact of your plants, rocks, water features, outdoor art and more. Rebecca demonstrates the best practices for integrating echoes in your garden using a range of angular, rounded and uniquely shaped elements.You'll finish the class brimming with inspiration for re-imagining any garden of your choosing!

About the Teacher

Rebecca Sweet
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How To Use Your Free Mini-Class
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