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Underneath It All: Guide to Interfacings, Linings & Facings
Underneath It All: Guide to Interfacings, Linings & Facings
Linda Lee
Exquisite garments are thoughtfully made and skillfully sewn both inside and out. Learn to design and sew custom garment interiors for a truly fine finish.
Curiously Similar
Step up your sewing savvy with professional techniques and expert guidance. Tame challenging fabrics and tricky sewing to create your most sophisticated garments yet.
Katrina Walker
with Katrina Walker
Sew your most luxurious and long-lasting garments with finishing techniques used by the finest couture houses.
Alison  Smith
with Alison Smith
Expand your repertoire of fashionable and functional techniques for binding, banding and hemming. Couture sewing expert Lynda Maynard will show you how!
Lynda Maynard
with Lynda Maynard
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Underneath It All: Guide to Interfacings, Linings & Facings