2014 Block of the Month: Craftsy Color Theory

1h 36min intermediate Resources

Conquer color theory in this FREE mini class sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics. Choose and combine colors with confidence for harmonious blocks and eye-candy quilts.

Episode descriptions

Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!
1 . Episode: Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!

Overview on how to use your FREE mini class!

Getting Started
2 . Episode: Getting Started

Meet your instructors, Amy Walsh & Janine Burke, and learn an overview of color theory that will help inform your decisions throughout the class.

Analogous Color Study
3 . Episode: Analogous Color Study

Discover what analogous colors are, how to choose pleasing combinations, and how to intentionally work them into your designs.

Complementary Color Study
4 . Episode: Complementary Color Study

Work with complementary colors as you pick up pro tips from Amy and Janine on layout and sewing techniques.

Color & Proportion
5 . Episode: Color & Proportion

Can tiny polkadots and large butterfly prints co-exist? What about wide and thin strips? Learn how to work with varying proportions as you continue to hone your eye for hues, values and other design elements.

Warm & Cool Color Study
6 . Episode: Warm & Cool Color Study

Use the color wheel to your advantage as you identify and experiment with various warm and cool colors, utilizing "in-between" shades with success.

Hexadic Color Study
7 . Episode: Hexadic Color Study

Impress peers at cocktail parties by throwing around phrases like "hexadic color schemes" -- or, more importantly, use them to add pop to your quilts! Using three pairs of complementary colors, you'll learn how to mix and match various colors and fabric widths to create stunning blocks.

Value Study
8 . Episode: Value Study

Now that you've mastered hues and tints, you'll move on to working with the value of your fabrics and auditioning fabrics that work beautifully together.

Finishing Your Color Study Quilt
9 . Episode: Finishing Your Color Study Quilt

To finish the class, Amy and Janine take the head-scratching out of your final design decisions as they share tips on how to audition, arrange and sew your blocks for the best results possible.

About the Teacher

Janine Burke & Amy Walsh
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2014 Block of the Month: Craftsy Color Theory

Janine Burke & Amy Walsh

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2014 Block of the Month: Craftsy Color Theory