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Create magazine-quality crochet with more than 30 professional finishing techniques and take pride in perfect blocking, smooth seams, clean colorwork and more!

Episode descriptions

Neat Edges & Flawless Joins
1 . Episode: Neat Edges & Flawless Joins

Meet your instructor, designer and author Linda Permann, and get started polishing your crochet! Linda shows you how to straighten out edges, replace missing stitches, link stitches to eliminate gaps while working flat or in the round as well as how to create flawless and even edgings!

Improving Your Colorwork
2 . Episode: Improving Your Colorwork

Clean up your colorwork as Linda shows you how get stripes that line up perfectly and encase your traveling yarn to create tight, flat edges. Then, learn several methods for seamlessly changing colors in the round and discover how using bobbins of yarn can help you create crisp intarsia designs. Finally, Linda will show you her secret for making your colorwork really pop!

Blocking Basics
3 . Episode: Blocking Basics

Watch in amazement as Linda shows you why it is so important that you always block your work ­-- even if you're working with synthetic yarns. Then, discover how different methods of blocking -- wet, steam and cold --will alter the drape and look of your fabric as Linda offers up numerous expert tips along the way.

Advanced Blocking Techniques
4 . Episode: Advanced Blocking Techniques

Delve deeper into blocking as you explore using wires to create curved and straight edges, uniformly open up your patterns and let your motifs shine. Then shift your focus to 3-D designs as Linda shows you how to use household items to keep hats and other round items from getting blocking lines or crushed fibers.

Smarter Seaming
5 . Episode: Smarter Seaming

Linda shares with you her favorite seaming technique of all time, the whipstitch, and demonstrates how to do it on both the top and side of stitches -- even on curved pieces! If you prefer the crochet hook to a tapestry needle, learn to use your hook to connect your fabric using a slip stitch or single crochet stitch. Finally, Linda will walk you through the join-as-you-go method of seaming, as you join your motifs together and create their edgings all at once.

Buttonholes & Button Bands
6 . Episode: Buttonholes & Button Bands

Discover three different methods for making buttonholes before Linda walks you through the process of designing and spacing your buttonholes on a button band. With Linda's simple formulas and step-by-step guidance, you'll see how easily you can create professional-looking cardigans, button-up vests and more!

Crochet Surgery
7 . Episode: Crochet Surgery

Have a sweater that you love, but wish it was just a little bit shorter? Or longer? Never fear! Linda will show you how to shorten hems and sleeves and will have you confidently cutting your stitches -- standard and lace --as you alter garments for perfect fits. She'll show you how to make buttonholes after the fact and even how to add length to a project by grafting.

About the Teacher

Linda Permann
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