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      Embroidering With Ribbon
      Embroidering With Ribbon
      Mary Jo Hiney
      Create stunning stitches and sophisticated ribbonwork with easy embroidery techniques!
      Curiously Similar
      Embroider with beads for eye-catching results! Create sparkling flowers, leaves and other stunning embellishments by hand.
      Myra Wood
      Myra Wood
      Add gorgeous dimension to any embroidery project! Expand your needlework repertoire by learning how to create stunning, nature-inspired stumpwork designs.
      Celeste Chalasani
      Celeste Chalasani
      Create elegant goldwork embroidery that catches light and captivates! Learn time-honored techniques for working with metallic threads, chips, spangles and more.
      Lucy  Barter
      Lucy Barter
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      Embroidery is everywhere, and its latest cool twist is breaking free of the hoop! We’re in love with 3-D stitchery that extends beyond the traditional flat circle with flowing threads or bumpy flourishes. Here are five 3-D trends to try.
      Lindsay Conner
      At a moment when embroidery is most definitely having a moment, Sarah K. Benning is at the top of her game. Her dense, incredibly detailed pieces, which layer threads the way a painter might layer oils, have made her one of today’s most popular and successful contemporary embroidery artists. We caught up with Sarah for a peek inside her extraordinary world of teeny, tiny stitches.
      We’re sending a big thank you to embellished jeans and cheeky throw pillows for making embroidery the newest crafty comeback! Want in? These ten stitches will get you started. Plus, they're a great foundation for when you're ready to take your hoop to the next level.
      Kristen Valencia
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      Embroidering With Ribbon