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Global Cupcake Design
Global Cupcake Design
Sheryl Bito
Use thin layers of fondant and fun embellishments to create whimsical cupcakes customized to portray people and styles from around the world.
Curiously Similar
Create crowd-pleasing cupcake toppers featuring miniature versions of favorite desserts and add a touch of magic to any celebration!
Sheryl Bito
with Sheryl Bito
Even if it's the last minute, create festive cupcakes that look even better than store-bought. Discover smart decorating techniques and pro tips for quick toppers that are sure to be the life of any party.
Lynlee Beckett
with Lynlee Beckett
Become the go-to decorator for baby showers, little ones' birthdays and beyond. Create eight styles of incredibly cute baby shoe cake toppers.
Sharon Wee
with Sharon Wee
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Global Cupcake Design