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Finishing School: Better Borders
Finishing School: Better Borders
Winnie Fleming
Finish UFOs and future projects with borders that bring out the best in your piecing. Learn essential techniques to succeed with basic, mitered and pieced borders!
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Discover made-to-measure pieced quilt borders, made simple!
Winnie Fleming
with Winnie Fleming
Finish your quilts in satisfying style with beautiful edgings: simple, piped, scalloped, prairie point, ruffled and more!
Mimi Dietrich
with Mimi Dietrich
Cut your quilting prep time in half! Discover secret techniques for faster cutting, easy set-in seams, miters in minutes and more.
Debbie Caffrey
with Debbie Caffrey
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Besides being really fun to say, the “stack and whack” is a great trick for cutting quilting fabric quickly.
by Lauren Lang
Accuracy is everything when it comes to piecing. So many angles to align and pieces to match. And there’s nothing more frustrating than cutting up your favorite fabrics and laboring over an A+ quilt block only to discover that it’s come out too small, or the pieces don’t fit together quite right, or whatever misfortune tends to befall you at this phase. Here are a few things you can do to improve accuracy and prevent the sting of a bad piece.
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Finishing School: Better Borders