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      Adventures in Garter Stitch
      Adventures in Garter Stitch
      Vicki Square
      Create sophisticated results using just one simple stitch! Unlock the power of garter stitch as you knit three gorgeous accessories sure to become wardrobe staples.
      Curiously Similar
      Leave friends wide-eyed by playing with shapes to create unique designs! Learn modular knitting as you create three exclusive accessories with Iris Schreier.
      Iris  Schreier
      Iris Schreier
      Learn how to create drapey fabric full of movement, texture and unique shape! Explore the possibilities of bias knitting in four fun, easy projects.
      Bristol Ivy
      Bristol Ivy
      Discover 14 ways to shape custom shawls that show off your unique aesthetic.
      Laura Nelkin
      Laura Nelkin
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      Sarah Johnson
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      Adventures in Garter Stitch