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Easily transform meat, poultry and vegetables into flavor-packed dishes with a range of roasting techniques!

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Introduction to Roasting
1 . Episode: Introduction to Roasting

Meet your instructor, Molly Stevens, and learn more about the definition, history and science of roasting.

High-Heat Roasting
2 . Episode: High-Heat Roasting

Get comfortable with high-heat roasting by preparing a simple but delicious roast chicken with a crisp, golden skin. Molly shows you how to prepare your bird and pan to minimize scorching, check the bird for doneness, then turn the pan juices into a flavorful sauce while the chicken is resting. This quick roasting method is perfect for a weeknight dinner.

Combination-Heat Roasting
3 . Episode: Combination-Heat Roasting

A larger roast, such as turkey or beef, benefits from initial high heat for browning, then a low and slow roast for even cooking all the way through. Molly takes the guesswork out of your holiday dinner by demonstrating step-by-step how to choose and prepare a turkey, roast it and carve it. Even seasoned cooks will learn some new tricks! Roast beef is also on Molly's menu. See how to achieve an ideal, even pink across every slice. Make it on the weekend and you'll have enough for a week of sandwiches!

Sear Roasting
4 . Episode: Sear Roasting

Another form of combination roasting, sear roasting gives you the greatest control over both stages of cooking. You'll start by searing the meat on the stovetop, then continue roasting it in the oven. Practice with a thick, juicy steak or two. If you prefer fish, try this method with salmon. You can even prepare multiple fillets in advance for a dinner party using Molly's techniques.

Slow & Steady Roasting
5 . Episode: Slow & Steady Roasting

Your grandmother's roasting method may be just your speed! Slow and steady results in a reliably moist and tender roast, whether it's beef tenderloin, roast beef with vegetables or even a large chicken. Molly demonstrates the technique with a show-stopping maple-glazed rack of pork.

Roasting Vegetables
6 . Episode: Roasting Vegetables

Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sweetness and makes them a delightful addition to any dinner. Start with herb-roasted potatoes and move on to a medley of root vegetables. If you have kids who are fussy about eating green vegetables (or maybe you are, too!), Molly's "Blasted Broccoli" demonstrates how you can turn greens into a dish that even picky eaters will love.

Bonus: Stuffed Roasts
7 . Episode: Bonus: Stuffed Roasts

Now that you understand all the basic roasting techniques, Molly's got a bonus lesson to share. Stuffing a roast, especially a leaner cut of meat, adds both flavor and moisture. And if you're planning a dinner party, a stuffed roast has terrific visual appeal. With a pork roast and beef tenderloin, Molly shows you her techniques to make your roast the star of the table.

About the Teacher

Molly Stevens
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