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Stunning Succulent Arrangements
Stunning Succulent Arrangements
Debra Lee Baldwin
Make stylish container compositions with gorgeous succulents! Create bouquets, terrariums, wreaths and more.
Curiously Similar
Create a refined garden oasis with strategically placed focal points and an array of fabulous foliage you’ll enjoy year-round!
Karen  Chapman
Karen Chapman
Get space-saving strategies for turning your small backyard, balcony or windowsill into a flourishing vegetable garden!
Jodi Torpey
Jodi Torpey
Discover how to create relaxed and inviting garden spaces ranging from a personal oasis to everyone's favorite hangout!
Jenny  Peterson
Jenny Peterson
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Succulents are beautiful, versatile and oh-so-trendy right now. They come in every shape and color and make your home or garden look straight-outta-Pinterest. The only problem? You just can't get enough! Enter the power of nature: With the know-how below, you can actually replant parts of your existing succulents to grow new ones.
Meredith Skyer
You don’t need lots of space or even a seasoned green thumb to have a totally insta-worthy greenspace. You just have to think small. A DIY terrarium lets you create an entire garden — a whole mini ecosystem, even — within the walls of a glass container. Plus, it’s super easy to make and care for. Win!
Meredith Skyer
Suddenly succulents are everywhere, and so are planters that give them a happy home. No surprise, since succulents are so easy to take care of, don’t need much water, and will grow in the tiniest of openings.
Mitch Roberson
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Stunning Succulent Arrangements