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Little Pink Dress Cake
Little Pink Dress Cake
Anne Heap
Make detailed dress cakes achievable with inventive techniques. Learn to support, sculpt and decorate a sophisticated frock that will impress every guest.
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*EXCLUDED FROM SALE PRICING* Take your fondant skills to new heights and make more imaginative cakes! Learn inspiring techniques as you create a gravity-defying tower of fun fondant goodies.
Marina Sousa
with Marina Sousa
Make the game-winning play for any sports fan’s party! Learn the structure and decorating techniques you need to create amazing football and sports shoe cakes.
Mike McCarey
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Create gravity-defying cakes for legendary parties using a sturdy, versatile structure! Learn to carve, sculpt, cover and decorate custom unicorn cakes.
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Humidity ruins our hair, our makeup and — you guessed it — our fondant. If you've spent much time with fondant, you know it gets hard to handle, sticky, and way too soft in balmy climates. And there's something completely cruel about wedding cake season being right in the thick of the summer, when fondant is on its worst behavior. Luckily, there are a few ways around this, so your cake decorations, figurines and fondant flowers can live on and avoid looking like a melty midsummer's mess.Set of 6 Cupcakes with Fondant DecorationsCheck these tips for working with fondant in humid climates
by Jessie Oleson Moore
If you spend any time online (or with a 6-year-old) you've probably seen one, two or twenty slime-making videos. The inedible stuff is made by combining different ratios of glue, water and boric acid (Borax or contact lens solution). It's sticky, gross and plenty of fun to play with! But — until now — it definitely wasn't something you'd want to eat. Allow us to introduce the next generation in slime.
by Erin Gardner
Witch, please! Have you ever seen a cooler cupcake topper? You might love fondant or hate it, but there's no denying it's the best for fancy decorations. And Halloween might just be prime time to bust it out. Gather your tools and prepare to get down with some serious hocus-pocus. Broomstick optional.
by Lynlee North Beckett
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Little Pink Dress Cake