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Fabric Know-How: Choosing & Using Your Favorite Fabrics
Fabric Know-How: Choosing & Using Your Favorite Fabrics
Sandra Betzina
Pick the perfect fabric for any pattern. Learn the best uses for cottons, linens, silks, knits, wools, rayons and polyesters, as well as how to sew them skillfully.
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Easily improve your sewing using a few key tools! Explore the notions you need and learn techniques to get the best results from each.
Linda Lee
with Linda Lee
Get set up for success before you even sit down at your machine! Learn essential preparation techniques that will produce better results in every sewing project.
Janet Pray
with Janet Pray
Learn essential techniques every new sewer should know! Create the projects you want with confidence and polish.
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Fabric Know-How: Choosing & Using Your Favorite Fabrics