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Knit Faster With Continental Knitting
Knit Faster With Continental Knitting
Lorilee Beltman
Increase knitting speed, bolster efficiency and ditch hand strain as you conquer Continental knitting for your best stitching yet.
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Improve your circular knitting with the magic loop technique.
Lorilee Beltman
with Lorilee Beltman
Knitting smooth, even stitches is faster, easier and more comfortable than ever. Fly through knits, purls, ribbing and more with this unique knitting style.
Bruce Weinstein
with Bruce Weinstein
Make your knitting more efficient, comfortable and beautiful as you master six valuable methods and styles.
Patty Lyons
with Patty Lyons
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Continental knitting: Sounds worldly, doesn't it? Let me first start with an admission: My own knitting adventure has been rocky at best. And it wasn't until I explored knitting videos and tutorials that I realized something really important — there's more than one way to knit! I learned to crochet before I learned to knit, and for the longest time I had been trying to knit with the yarn in my right hand. It felt completely backwards to me, because it was. I was trying to English knit, and my crochet hands weren't having it. That's when I discovered continental knitting.
by Lisa Gutierrez
The difference between a pair of hand-knit socks and the ones from the store is sort of like the difference between cotton and cashmere. (No offense to cotton! Cashmere is just extra.) If you've ever put on a pair, you know that hand-knit equals exceptional warm and cozy foot happiness. So even if you're a beginner knitter, they're totally worth the effort.
by Ashley Little
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Knit Faster With Continental Knitting