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Pinwheels: Piecing With Triangles
Pinwheels: Piecing With Triangles
Gail Kessler
Make an array of beautiful pinwheels projects as you discover simple half-square triangle techniques! Unlock the door to the classic Clay’s Choice block, turnstile block and more.
Curiously Similar
Bring your design dreams to life! Use easy half-square triangle techniques to customize, resize and design quilts for the results you’ve always wanted.
Monique Jacobs
with Monique Jacobs
Easily create classic quilts beaming with eye-pleasing intricacy. Use straight-line stitching to create professional-looking diamond patchwork with no Y-seams or bias edges!
Debbie Maddy
with Debbie Maddy
Achieve beautiful results on three classic quilts. Learn Eleanor Burns' signature quilting techniques and speedy GO! die-cutting tips to make your projects faster and more fun.
Eleanor Burns
with Eleanor Burns
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Accuracy is everything when it comes to piecing. So many angles to align and pieces to match. And there’s nothing more frustrating than cutting up your favorite fabrics and laboring over an A+ quilt block only to discover that it’s come out too small, or the pieces don’t fit together quite right, or whatever misfortune tends to befall you at this phase. Here are a few things you can do to improve accuracy and prevent the sting of a bad piece.
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Pinwheels: Piecing With Triangles