Vibrant Stamping: Creative Color Techniques

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Make eye-catching cards in a kaleidoscope of colors! Play with inks and stamps to create gradient effects, add depth with layering and more.

Episode descriptions

Creating Crisp Images
1 . Episode: Creating Crisp Images

Meet your instructor, stamping blogger Laura Bassen, and get a sneak peek at the colorful and creative cards you'll make throughout the class. You'll start working on your first card using Laura's masking technique. Learn how to achieve a clean and simple design by masking off portions of the card with tape, then blending multiple layers of ink for vibrant pops of color. Laura also breaks down her process of creating intricate greeting cards with a multi-step stamping technique. See how to use a themed stamp set to apply various layers of color and detail to your images.

Gradient Effects
2 . Episode: Gradient Effects

Discover how to add seamless gradient effects to your projects. Laura shares her tips for applying smooth one-color gradients to card stock using an ink blending tool. Next, build on those skills by creating a festive card with multicolor gradients. Laura demonstrates how to blend multiple colors together with fluid transitions, then she shows you how to add a stylish stamped sentiment to complete the look. Finish the lesson by learning how Laura's innovative rock 'n' roll technique can add complexity to your designs.

Layering Colors
3 . Episode: Layering Colors

Add even more striking color effects to your repertoire by learning how to effectively layer colors. Laura begins the lesson by sharing how she creates a variety of fun designs using stencils, stamps and the masking technique to overlap complementary colors. Next, Laura gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a bright, rainbow-colored greeting card with an ombré stamp set. In addition, you'll learn several simple techniques for incorporating bold, modern ombré effects into your projects.

Advanced Masking
4 . Episode: Advanced Masking

Take your masking technique skills to a whole new level with Laura's advanced -- and one-of-a-kind -- designs. Learn how to create a unique and complex plaid pattern with ink blending tools, graph paper, and masking tape. Then, get inspired as Laura illustrates how masking can add depth and dimension to designs ranging from colorful floral arrangements to whimsical animal images. Plus, Laura shows you her technique for blending colors with Copic markers.

Emboss Resist
5 . Episode: Emboss Resist

Want to add a wow factor to your projects? Laura details how to ramp up any design using the easy-to-learn emboss resist technique. You'll discover how to make eye-catching, patterned greeting cards with a stamp, clear ink and white embossing powder. Watch and see how Laura finishes her designs by creating vibrantly-colored backgrounds with ink blending tools. In addition, Laura explains her innovative "smooshing" technique to add gorgeous watercolor effects to embossed designs.

Colorful Embossing
6 . Episode: Colorful Embossing

Expand upon the embossing skills you learned in the previous lesson by working with vibrant embossing powders. Laura demonstrates how to make a striking pattern with a single image stamp and multicolored embossing powders. See how she completes the look by making a die-cut window to frame the card's message. You'll also learn a quick and easy way to create fun designs by using large patterned background stamps and applying all the embossing powders at one time.

Copic Markers
7 . Episode: Copic Markers

Bring your stamped images to life with Laura's simple techniques for coloring with Copic markers. First, Laura walks you through the basics of how to apply colors to your images and the best method for blending lighter and darker shades together. You'll also see how to add partial die-cut windows to your finished images for an eye-catching effect. Round out your skill set by learning how to add vibrant accents to a variety of stamped images with Copic markers.

About the Teacher

Laura Bassen
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