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Cut your quilting prep time in half! Discover secret techniques for faster cutting, easy set-in seams, miters in minutes and more.

Episode descriptions

Fundamentals of Cutting & Piecing
1 . Episode: Fundamentals of Cutting & Piecing

Meet expert quilter Debbie Caffrey as she highlights the time-saving techniques you'll learn in this class. Then dive in! Debbie demonstrates her efficient method of cutting fabric strips with a rotary cutter. Discover a simple strip-piecing technique with accurate results. Plus, see how to assemble the versatile "Bird in the Air" block.

Efficient Organization & Construction
2 . Episode: Efficient Organization & Construction

Build on the skills you learned in Lesson 1. Debbie shares her quick and easy method of cutting fat quarters into multi-sized shapes and organizing them for efficient sewing. In addition, you'll discover a streamlined process for chain sewing, pressing and assembling your quilt blocks.

Tricks With Tubes
3 . Episode: Tricks With Tubes

Add an element of surprise to your designs by sewing with tubes. Debbie illustrates the best way to assemble tubes from strip-pieces. You'll also learn an innovative technique for creating quadrants with a quarter-square triangle tool. Plus, find out how to use the 60-degree triangle tool to make diamonds and pyramids.

Diamonds & Set-in Seams
4 . Episode: Diamonds & Set-in Seams

Practice several handy techniques while making two lovely quilt blocks: the LeMoyne Star and the Bride's Bouquet. Learn how to efficiently cut diamonds using a rotary tool. Next, gain confidence sewing set-in seams as Debbie breaks down the process into easily manageable steps. You'll also discover a simple way to draft templates.

Not Your Typical Tri-Recs
5 . Episode: Not Your Typical Tri-Recs

Discover innovative ways to use your Tri-Recs tools. Debbie shares her technique for creating a striking diamond unit. Then, see how to cut and assemble a charming uneven star block. Get inspired as Debbie illustrates additional designs you can create using these simple tools.

Split Rectangle Savvy
6 . Episode: Split Rectangle Savvy

Continue working with Tri-Recs tools to make versatile split rectangle units. Watch and learn Debbie's method of cutting bias strips, then sewing and pressing them into panels. You'll also see an efficient way to cut split rectangles. Plus, discover a straightforward technique for making reverse units.

Finishing the Story: Ideas & Borders
7 . Episode: Finishing the Story: Ideas & Borders

Make a big impact with your quilt designs! Debbie offers invaluable tips and ideas for adding finishing touches on any quilt. Learn how to create overlapped and partial-seam borders. Then follow along as Debbie walks through the steps of making a classic mitered border.

About the Teacher

Debbie Caffrey
Curiously Similar
Debbie Caffrey
Debbie Caffrey
Transform any quilt pattern into your own custom design!
Debbie Caffrey
Debbie Caffrey
Master your rotary cutter and rulers to create the projects you desire — faster than ever. Learn to cut all the units you need swiftly, accurately and safely.
Debbie Caffrey
Debbie Caffrey
Master essential wedge techniques to create Dresden plate blocks, gorgeous borders and your most dynamic quilts yet!
1. Episode: Fundamentals of Cutting & Piecing 35min
2. Episode: Efficient Organization & Construction 32min
4. Episode: Diamonds & Set-in Seams 39min
5. Episode: Not Your Typical Tri-Recs 27min
7. Episode: Finishing the Story: Ideas & Borders 36min


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Fundamentals of Cutting & Piecing
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