Homemade Chocolate Candy: Truffles, Bonbons & More

2h 38min intermediate Resources

Gain the confidence to make chocolate candy at home! Learn accessible techniques for melting, tempering and molding chocolate to create the sweets you crave.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Ganache

Meet professional chocolatiers Jen King and Liz Gutman, and learn more about the techniques covered in your class. Then dive right in as they show you how to make a smooth, luscious chocolate ganache that will form the basis for decadent truffles and other yummy stuff. Liz shows how to work with different kinds of chocolate, add flavor and troubleshoot any difficulties.

Chocolate Truffles
2 . Episode: Chocolate Truffles

Continue working with ganache as Liz demonstrates how to make truffles, either by scooping or piping. Learn how to work with a piping bag, shape the truffles and coat them with cocoa powder or sprinkles.

Melting & Tempering Chocolate
3 . Episode: Melting & Tempering Chocolate

Tempered chocolate has a smooth shine, a crisp snap and doesn't melt in your hands. Jen shows you how to temper chocolate like a pro to make candies and decorations that you can serve right away or store for later. The process is not as finicky as you might think -- patient stirring is the key!

Dipping & Enrobing
4 . Episode: Dipping & Enrobing

Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate: cookies, strawberries, ganache truffles, even bacon! Learn Liz's techniques for getting a perfect coating on any kind of tasty treat by dipping it in tempered chocolate. For more delicate items, enrobing is the way to go. Jen shows you how!

Molded Chocolates
5 . Episode: Molded Chocolates

Get fancy with your tempered chocolate by using molds to create fun shapes and even chocolate-on-a-stick! Jen discusses different types of molds and shows how to set up your workspace for efficiently piping your chocolate. Once your chocolate has set, it's ready to unmold and serve (or store). You can even make hot chocolate with it!

Filled Bonbons
6 . Episode: Filled Bonbons

With Jen's guidance, cover ganache centers with tempered chocolate as you create delicious filled bonbons. You'll learn to create the delicate outer chocolate shell, then fill your bonbons with ganache or the filling of your choice -- buttercream, jam or even peanut butter -- then cap them with more chocolate. Add luster dust at the beginning or end for a touch of elegance.

Chocolate 101
7 . Episode: Chocolate 101

Liz and Jen explain how chocolate is made and some factors to consider when you're buying it for candy-making. Then learn a quick "cheater's chocolate" coating that's an alternative to tempering. Finally, learn how to embellish your chocolates with elegant transfers.

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Liz Gutman & Jen King
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Homemade Chocolate Candy: Truffles, Bonbons & More

Liz Gutman & Jen King

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Homemade Chocolate Candy: Truffles, Bonbons & More