The Bandsaw: Setting Up for Successful Sawing

1h 49min intermediate Resources

Learn how to use a bandsaw to make beautiful cuts safely and easily.

Episode descriptions

Getting Your Saw Ready
1 . Episode: Getting Your Saw Ready

Meet your instructor, Andy Rae, and learn about proper bandsaw care and maintenance. See which blades are best for each cut and learn how to make sure your saw wheels are in tip-top shape. Andy demonstrates how to install a blade and adjust the guides for perfect cuts every time.

Fences, Blades & Accessories
2 . Episode: Fences, Blades & Accessories

Discover which inexpensive and easy-to-install accessories can increase your safety and cutting efficiency, then delve into making cuts using a fence. Andy offers his advice for using stock, magnetic and resaw fences and how to adjust your fences to account for drift.

Straight Cuts & Joinery
3 . Episode: Straight Cuts & Joinery

Learn how to make straight cuts on pieces big and small, freehand or with a fence. Andy demonstrates proper and safe techniques for feeding your wood through your saw, no matter the size. Then, see how you can use your bandsaw to create perfect-fitting lap joints and tenons.

Curves & Bevels
4 . Episode: Curves & Bevels

Using a few simple jigs (plans are in your class materials) you can cut perfect arcs and circles with your bandsaw. Learn how to freehand cut a piece of wood that has undulating curves that constantly move against the grain of the wood. Finally, discover how you can use a pattern with your bandsaw, perfect for cutting circles or pieces you replicate often.

About the Teacher

Andy Rae
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Getting Your Saw Ready
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The Bandsaw: Setting Up for Successful Sawing

Andy Rae

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The Bandsaw: Setting Up for Successful Sawing