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Machine Embroidered Classics
Machine Embroidered Classics
Yvonne Menear
Explore the ins and outs of machine embroidery as you create chic matched linens—FREE!
Curiously Similar
Build a foundation of essential skills every embroiderer should know, so you can conquer each step of machine embroidery with the utmost confidence!
Lindee Goodall
with Lindee Goodall
Tackle embroidery work on plush textured fabrics! Join Deborah Jones for an introduction to towels, velvet, fleece and more.
Deborah Jones
with Deborah Jones
Add a personal touch with elegant embroidered lettering! Learn how to create sophisticated monograms with any machine as you perfect placement and stitching.
Terri  Johnson
with Terri Johnson
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You've invested in a machine and now it's staring you in the face. Here's the must-have 411 for everyone who's discovering machine embroidery for the first time. Stitchers, rev your engines!
by Debbie Henry
If cork brings to mind the stuff stopping up wine bottles, that's great — cheers !— but it also comes in fabric form, and it happens to be ideal for making all kinds of bags, purses, or accessories. And psst: it's surprisingly easy to sew! 
by Beth Galvin
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Machine Embroidered Classics