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The Essential Guide to Photoshop
The Essential Guide to Photoshop
Skott Chandler
Quicken your post-processing workflow with a deeper understand of Adobe Photoshop® and achieve the eye-catching results your photos deserve.
Curiously Similar
Learn how to make the most of your Lightroom software, and take control of your digital workflow!
Skott Chandler
with Skott Chandler
Transform the photos you take into the images you want. Learn how to use Photoshop® tools to make light retouches, color changes, image composites and more.
Josh Withers
with Josh Withers
Learn time-saving techniques for making Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom® work together perfectly and give your images the professional polish they deserve.
Lesa Snider
with Lesa Snider
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Everyone is always asking me what piece of fancy gear will make their photos better. The truth is, while new equipment is nice, it’s unlikely to improve your work on its own. In fact, extraordinary photos are made all the time on basic equipment (you've seen those iPhone ads!). Instead, I clue newbies in on the real secret for awesome shots: Make more photographs, don't snap more frames. Commit that motto to memory, grab your camera, and let's get started.
If you wait to whip out your camera on days when it's only cloudless-blue-sky perfect, you might be waiting for a while — not to mention missing out on some amazing shots, particularly when it comes to the most breathtaking nature or landscape pics.
by Jeff Sinon
Go ahead, strike a pose! If only it were that easy. Getting subjects, especially kids, in the right positions for photos is both super important and super tricky. Without good posing, kids can look awkward, uncomfortable, and out-of-place. But too much posing introduces issues of its own. Here's how to get it right:
by Alethia Rains
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The Essential Guide to Photoshop