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Painting the Nude
Painting the Nude
Kristin Kunc
Translate the beauty of the human form into a realistic work of art with approachable oil painting techniques.
Curiously Similar
Study the methods of van Eyck and Rubens to create radiant, jewel-like paintings!
Andrew Conklin
with Andrew Conklin
Join artist and teacher Kerry Dunn for a masterful overview of oil painting techniques as you create a classic self-portrait.
Kerry Dunn
with Kerry Dunn
Mix, blend and paint true-to-life skin tones for more realistic portraits.
Brian Neher
with Brian Neher
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There are two words that give many novice painters a shudder: skin tones. That's because painting flesh in acrylic can be a daunting task, especially if you're hoping to render skin lifelike and dimensional rather than dull and flat. (And unless you're painting, say, LEGO characters, you probably are!)
by Jessie Oleson Moore
There are probably about as many ways to do yoga as there are poses. Well, not quite. But whether you're a competitive athlete or someone who has never, ever done a downward dog, there's definitely a style of yoga to suit your mind, body and spirit. Here's an easy guide to six of the most popular yoga styles, so you can find the perfect fit for you.
Even if you aren't one of @mynameisjessamyn's throngs of IG followers, you've probably heard of her book Every Body Yoga (Workman, 2017), or seen her featured in the seemingly-everywhere Kotex campaign, or picked up on the buzz she's garnered everywhere from Yoga Journal to CNN.
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Painting the Nude