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Sugar Flowers: Off the Garden Path
Sugar Flowers: Off the Garden Path
Alan Dunn
Stop your clients in their tracks with lifelike wildflower arrangements. Update your cakes as you learn to create sugar daisies, nasturtiums, foxgloves and more.
Curiously Similar
Expand your sugar-flower offerings into tropical horizons. Learn Alan Dunn's expert techniques for creating sprays of bauhinia, hibiscus and gardenia flowers.
Alan Dunn
with Alan Dunn
Make trend-setting sugar roses, buds and leaves with Nicholas Lodge. Then, transform your blooms into alluring arrangements your clients will love!
Nicholas Lodge
with Nicholas Lodge
Give your sugar flower arrangements the professional polish they deserve with delicate gumpaste filler flowers! Petalsweet's Jacqueline Butler shows you how.
Jacqueline Butler
with Jacqueline Butler
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Sugar Flowers: Off the Garden Path