Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo Essays

1h 35min advanced Resources

Go on location to capture and curate shots that reveal the unique story of your subject!

Episode descriptions

What is Narrative Photography?
1 . Episode: What is Narrative Photography?

Mike offers recommendations on pre-shoot planning and shares photos from his portfolio as he explains how to tell a person's story through striking imagery.

Shooting Process: Indoors
2 . Episode: Shooting Process: Indoors

Learn professional tips on how to organize and pack for a day in the field and discover the best practices for assessing the environment you're going to shoot in.

Environmental Portraiture
3 . Episode: Environmental Portraiture

Mike demonstrates shooting a portrait session with clients on location. Learn to efficiently set up your gear, light your subjects and direct with ease while getting the shots you want.

Shooting Process: Outdoors
4 . Episode: Shooting Process: Outdoors

Learn to tackle tricky issues like framing and working outdoors while gaining more experience with composition, lighting techniques and storytelling through details.

Organizing Photos in Lightroom
5 . Episode: Organizing Photos in Lightroom

Explore various methods to improve your efficiency and organize hundreds of photos easily with Mike's step-by-step tutorial on using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

Editing Photos in Lightroom
6 . Episode: Editing Photos in Lightroom

Learn professional editing tips with Mike's assistance as you gain an overview of the various tools Lightroom 5 offers for photo editing.

About the Teacher

Mike Hill
Curiously Similar
George Lange
George Lange
Learn compositional methods and unique perspectives that will inspire you to see and shoot life in a whole new way!
Catherine Asanov
Catherine Asanov
Showcase your unique creative vision with exceptional portraiture that sets you apart from the competition and stands out to clients.
Alan M. Thornton
Alan M. Thornton
Work with light in new and exciting ways for professional results you and your subjects will love.
1. Episode: What is Narrative Photography? 7min
2. Episode: Shooting Process: Indoors 16min
3. Episode: Environmental Portraiture 7min
4. Episode: Shooting Process: Outdoors 33min
5. Episode: Organizing Photos in Lightroom 10min
6. Episode: Editing Photos in Lightroom 22min


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What is Narrative Photography?
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Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo Essays

Mike Hill

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Narrative Photography: Storytelling with Photo Essays