Solder Smarter: Strategies for Better Results

2h 43min intermediate Resources

Take your skills to the next level with soldering tricks that will improve your pieces AND build your confidence!

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet metalsmith Joanna Gollberg and get an overview of the techniques she'll cover. You'll be able to use the class as a reference, learning or reviewing key soldering techniques whenever you need!

Torch Use
2 . Episode: Torch Use

Your torch is the most important and powerful piece of equipment in your soldering toolkit. Joanna introduces a popular gas-oxygen model, the Smith Little Torch, discusses gas options and shares safety tips.

Soldering Setup
3 . Episode: Soldering Setup

Set yourself up for success! Learn about the functionality of different soldering surfaces and types of solder. Joanna shows how to set up your gas tanks and check for leaks. Then, light your torch and adjust the flame size for a variety of tasks. Joanna also discusses safety and good joins.

Flux & Firescale
4 . Episode: Flux & Firescale

Joanna compares different types of flux for keeping your metal clean and aiding solder flow. She also addresses firescale, and shows how to use depletion gilding to remove unsightly discoloration.

5 . Episode: Appliqué

Also known as "sweat soldering," appliqué refers to the soldering of one piece of metal on top of another. Practice more challenging tasks by soldering a ball onto a ring using two methods, soldering curved pieces together, and soldering an earring post. Joanna also shares tips for keeping your hands stable.

Pre-Melting Solder
6 . Episode: Pre-Melting Solder

Get better joints with less cleanup by pre-melting solder onto the pieces to be joined. Joanna shows how to securely solder a textured ring and place end caps on a snake chain. You'll love the precision and efficiency of this technique!

7 . Episode: Props

You have a multitude of choices for props to hold your pieces as you solder. Joanna shows you a few of her favorites -- cross-locking tweezers, silicon carbide powder and a third hand -- as she solders tiny and hard-to-hold pieces.

Stick Soldering
8 . Episode: Stick Soldering

Tackle the efficient method of stick soldering using wire solder. You'll see how to draw down your wire to a finer gauge using a draw plate. Joanna shares an easy tip for marking your wire, then shows how to stick solder. Learn to troubleshoot mistakes along the way!

Penetrable Soldering Block
9 . Episode: Penetrable Soldering Block

Meet the soldering block that changed Joanna's career. Joanna explains the benefits of this block and how to set it up, then shows how to solder multiple joints at once, such as the prongs for a stone setting or two-band rings.

10 . Episode: Troubleshooting

Everyone makes mistakes! Joanna encourages you to learn from them -- and learn how to fix them. See how to fill in holes, replace melted wire and move a solder joint without adding more solder.

11 . Episode: Finishing

Let the beauty of your design shine with a professional finish. Joanna shows you how to remove extra solder using a flex shaft or a hand file. Sand off scratches or firescale with sandpaper, and add a final polish with a variety of handheld materials or flex shaft bits.

About the Teacher

Joanna Gollberg
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Solder Smarter: Strategies for Better Results

Joanna Gollberg

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Solder Smarter: Strategies for Better Results