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Decorate cakes beloved by everyone! Learn easy techniques that make beautiful buttercream piping relaxing and fun.

Episode descriptions

Making Buttercream & Prepping Your Cake
1 . Episode: Making Buttercream & Prepping Your Cake

Meet cake designer Amanda Rettke and learn about the prep work necessary for successful piping. Then, whip up Amanda's luscious buttercream recipe to get your cake ready for any buttercream design.

Introduction to Piping: The Round Tip
2 . Episode: Introduction to Piping: The Round Tip

Learn the basics of filling a piping bag with Amanda's guidance. As you practice piping several simple motifs, you'll see how easy it is to create lovely effects using different levels of pressure. Plus, play around with color to enhance and brighten your designs!

Star Tips: Large
3 . Episode: Star Tips: Large

Add striking motifs to your cakes using star tips! Starting large, Amanda shows you several quintessential piping techniques. In addition, you'll learn how to create a Neapolitan rosette, an easy all-over cake design with endless color, size and style variations.

Star Tips: Small
4 . Episode: Star Tips: Small

Create sophisticated cake designs and textures using a smaller star tip -- and Amanda's easy-to-learn techniques. In the process, you'll discover how to achieve a wide range of dazzling effects from this incredibly versatile tip.

Petal Tips: Simple Ruffles
5 . Episode: Petal Tips: Simple Ruffles

Learn a simple basic ruffle, generally considered a more difficult technique but made accessible with Amanda's step-by-step demonstration. Alter designs as you change the direction of your piping, add patterns by changing icing color and even pipe two colors at the same time from the same bag!

Petal Tips: Patterned Ruffle Designs
6 . Episode: Petal Tips: Patterned Ruffle Designs

Expand your petal tip techniques -- and create fun design variations -- by learning how to ruffle on a curve. Then pipe along with Amanda as she makes her stunning and vibrant rainbow cake!

Miscellaneous Tips
7 . Episode: Miscellaneous Tips

Learn how to use common tips in new ways to create updated piped looks sure to inspire! In addition, practice Amanda's pom-pom technique and discover how to make holiday designs that are perfect for seasonal cakes.

About the Teacher

Amanda Rettke
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Erica O'Brien
Erica O'Brien
Bring chic buttercream designs to life for cakes that look beautiful and taste great.
Roland Winbeckler
Roland Winbeckler
Master the art of decorative piped buttercream with award-winning cake artist Roland Winbeckler.
Jenny McCoy
Jenny McCoy
Everything you need to start decorating.
1. Episode: Making Buttercream & Prepping Your Cake 23min
2. Episode: Introduction to Piping: The Round Tip 29min
5. Episode: Petal Tips: Simple Ruffles 21min
6. Episode: Petal Tips: Patterned Ruffle Designs 18min


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Making Buttercream & Prepping Your Cake
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Simple Piping, Stunning Results

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Simple Piping, Stunning Results