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Simple Shapes, Modern Cakes
Simple Shapes, Modern Cakes
Miso Bakes
Transform simple shapes into simply irresistible cakes! Use basic cutters and easy techniques to confidently create designs for any occasion.
Curiously Similar
Easily achieve designer monograms and lettering. Create messages that complement contemporary cakes and catch the eye of trend-spotting clients.
Liz Shim
Liz Shim
Transform your decorating timeline.
Ileana Saldivia
Ileana Saldivia
Master couture techniques for cake designs that inspire.
Lori  Hutchinson
Lori Hutchinson
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No special pans. No carving skills required. Just a simple rectangular baking dish and a few simple tools are all you'll need to create this cake cutie.
Erin Gardner
Humidity ruins our hair, our makeup and — you guessed it — our fondant. If you've spent much time with fondant, you know it gets hard to handle, sticky, and way too soft in balmy climates. And there's something completely cruel about wedding cake season being right in the thick of the summer, when fondant is on its worst behavior. Luckily, there are a few ways around this, so your cake decorations, figurines and fondant flowers can live on and avoid looking like a melty midsummer's mess.Set of 6 Cupcakes with Fondant DecorationsCheck these tips for working with fondant in humid climates
Jessie Oleson Moore
Alphabet cakes have taken over the cake world, and they’re amazing with a capital A.
Kristin Bellini
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Simple Shapes, Modern Cakes