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Sew a gorgeous table runner with essential rotary-cutting, piecing and machine-quilting techniques, and feel the thrill of accomplishment every time you show it off!

Episode descriptions

Preparing the Fabric
1 . Episode: Preparing the Fabric

Passionate quilt designer and instructor Amy Gibson will guide you through fabric selection for your quilted table runner. You will learn how to balance colors and patterns to achieve your desired effect. Then Amy will show you how to easily and accurately measure and cut your fabric.

Creating Half-Square Triangles
2 . Episode: Creating Half-Square Triangles

In this lesson, you will sit down at the sewing machine and discover the magic of creating half-square triangles, the building blocks of so many quilting designs. Amy shares her trick for saving time by chain piecing and shows you how to square up your blocks in preparation for the next step.

Designing & Assembling the Quilt Top
3 . Episode: Designing & Assembling the Quilt Top

Now the real fun begins! You will take your half-square triangles and experiment with the designs you can create for your table runner. From Amy's simple, modern triangle design to chevrons and pinwheels, the possibilities are endless. Then Amy will show you how to easily join your blocks and sew your rows together.

Making the Quilt Sandwich
4 . Episode: Making the Quilt Sandwich

Now that you have designed your custom quilt top, Amy will show you how to create a beautiful quilt back using your excess fabric. Then it is time to put your quilt sandwich together in layers. You also will learn the best way to pin-baste your layers together to make quilting a breeze.

Straight-Line Machine Quilting
5 . Episode: Straight-Line Machine Quilting

Amy demystifies the quilting process by exploring the numerous options available for machine quilting your table runner. The stitching design you choose is not only functional, but can change the whole feel of your piece. You will learn how to use a walking foot to achieve smooth, beautiful stitches and quilt straight lines.

Simple Binding
6 . Episode: Simple Binding

With the layers of your piece quilted together, it is time to clean up the edges and learn how to create a beautiful binding to finish your table runner. Amy will show you how to create the binding from fabric cut in the first lesson and how to expertly sew it onto your piece.

Taking Your New Skills Further
7 . Episode: Taking Your New Skills Further

Have a different size table? Amy shows you how to customize the size to fit your space. You can also change the size to make placemats and napkins to match your personal design. Plus, learn how to make quarter-square triangles, opening up a whole new set of design options.

About the Teacher

Amy Gibson
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Amy Gibson
Amy Gibson
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Amy Gibson
Amy Gibson
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2. Episode: Creating Half-Square Triangles 24min
3. Episode: Designing & Assembling the Quilt Top 29min
4. Episode: Making the Quilt Sandwich 15min
5. Episode: Straight-Line Machine Quilting 23min
7. Episode: Taking Your New Skills Further 9min


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