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Photographing Children: Portraits at Play
Photographing Children: Portraits at Play
Barb Peacock
Never miss a moment! Learn how to take gorgeous photos of children at play, for results you and your child will treasure for a lifetime.
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Capture all the magic of the most precious year — at home! Create cherished baby portraits with fuss-free techniques for posing, propping, lighting and settings.
Sandy Puc'
with Sandy Puc'
Learn how to take beautiful, atmospheric photos using tools and techniques that won’t break the bank, with guidance from self-taught, renowned photographer Jenna Martin.
Jenna  Martin
with Jenna Martin
Capture everyday moments with timeless family photos!
Kirk Tuck
with Kirk Tuck
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Everyone is always asking me what piece of fancy gear will make their photos better. The truth is, while new equipment is nice, it’s unlikely to improve your work on its own. In fact, extraordinary photos are made all the time on basic equipment (you've seen those iPhone ads!). Instead, I clue newbies in on the real secret for awesome shots: Make more photographs, don't snap more frames. Commit that motto to memory, grab your camera, and let's get started.
Being a parent means a lot of things, like giving up the likelihood that you'll have privacy in the shower, that you may start to sound eerily like your own mom or dad, and that you'll probably find yourself playing the role of paparazzi for your kids. We're like moths to a flame; they do something cute/funny/crazy/brand-new and we're there in flash, snapping away like mad — desperately trying to preserve the moment forever.
by Alethia Rains
No fancy fondant skills or cupboard full of cake decorating tools required for this narwhal magic! That cute whale shape? Yup, it's your favorite snack cake hiding under there.
by Bluprint
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Photographing Children: Portraits at Play