Silver Metal Clay: Adding Stones & Dimension

2h 5min intermediate Resources

Learn essential silver metal clay techniques to make gemstone-studded jewelry! Master strong connections, gain troubleshooting tips and torch-fire your final piece.

Episode descriptions

Essential Skills
1 . Episode: Essential Skills

Meet metal clay artist Patrik Kusek and learn how to create fine silver jewelry with this unique medium that combines ceramics with metalsmithing. Patrik shares the tips, tools and materials you need to know before starting. Then, practice rolling and texturing your clay!

Creating the First Layer
2 . Episode: Creating the First Layer

First, learn how best to cut shapes from your rolled-out clay. You'll also tackle metal clay's primary challenge: how to evenly rehydrate clay when it gets too dry. Finally, see how Patrik refines and smoothes the edges of a piece after it's completely dry.

Bezel Settings
3 . Episode: Bezel Settings

Learn all about gemstones to make your pieces shine! Find out which gemstones can be torch-fired and how to measure and set them in a clay bezel. Next, modify your technique to set circular, princess, pear and marquise-cut stones. Plus, see how to troubleshoot cracks and learn Patrik's tips for secure settings.

Connection Techniques
4 . Episode: Connection Techniques

Create more complex designs with artful assembly! Patrik demonstrates three ways to make secure connections in metal clay. Learn which techniques to use with each connection and how to use water and clay slip to activate the clay binders. Finally, attach the bezel settings to your pendant.

Attaching Dimensional Elements
5 . Episode: Attaching Dimensional Elements

Next, add dimension to your pendant as you learn how to shape rippled, textured accents and attach them to the base of the pendant. Watch as Patrik refines the edges of the piece to prepare it for firing. Then, learn a universal technique to create a dimensional bail to attach to the pendant.

Making Repairs
6 . Episode: Making Repairs

Receive in-depth troubleshooting tips for every sticky situation. Practice fixing scratches, filling in gaps between layers and learn two ways to fix dried, broken pieces of clay. Finally, Patrik shows you how to reconstitute dried clay scraps and dust into fresh clay so nothing goes to waste!

Firing & Finishing
7 . Episode: Firing & Finishing

Watch metal clay alchemy in action! Learn about the firing process, as well as what kinds of pieces you can torch-fire. Gain important safety tips and learn to watch for the different stages in the firing process. You'll also learn how to burnish, patina and polish your pendant for a beautiful finish!

About the Teacher

Patrik Kusek
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Silver Metal Clay: Adding Stones & Dimension

Patrik Kusek

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Silver Metal Clay: Adding Stones & Dimension