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Enhance any project with eye-catching beaded embroidery! Learn techniques for dimensional designs, elegant beaded fringe, embellished accessories and more.

Episode descriptions

Getting Started
1 . Episode: Getting Started

The sky's the limit with bead embroidery, and Myra Wood will show you where to start! Learn about the materials you'll need as Myra walks you through the items she uses and recommends, from beads and needles to base fabrics, stabilizers and threads. Now start your design!

Building Dimension With Simple Stitches
2 . Episode: Building Dimension With Simple Stitches

Myra kicks off the lesson with tips for choosing and combining bead colors, sizes and finishes. Then learn four simple stitches that you'll use throughout the class: single stitch, stack stitch, backstitch and couching. Finish up with tips on how to avoid gaps between beads when stitching to curved fabric.

Creating a Focal Point
3 . Episode: Creating a Focal Point

Focus on your focal points! Learn how to securely attach big beads or cabochons to your fabric and then dress them up with surrounds. Play with the colors of the beads or surround a surround! And Myra demonstrates the steps in creating a bezel -- a surround with dimension and extra stability.

Creating Dimension With Pattern
4 . Episode: Creating Dimension With Pattern

Get started on a bead-embroidered cuff! Use the template Myra provides or design your own. Myra likens designing to doodling with beads. Learn to integrate different bead sizes and shapes, including bugle beads, for a project with gorgeous dimension and depth.

Completing Stand-Alone Projects
5 . Episode: Completing Stand-Alone Projects

Myra begins by demonstrating how to apply a secure, comfortable backing on a finished cuff. Then you'll learn to create pretty yet sturdy edges on beadwork. Next up, learn step-by-step how to cover and bead button forms for fabulous, unique buttons.

Embellishments & Appliqués
6 . Episode: Embellishments & Appliqués

Taking your beading beyond the basics with appliqué patches. Myra teaches you to turn purchased items into one-of-a-kind treasures as she changes a butterfly appliqué into a sparkling barrette and transforms a basic jewelry box with lavish beads and ribbon.

Fringe & Beaded Accents
7 . Episode: Fringe & Beaded Accents

Wrap up the class with beaded fringe! First, Myra shows examples of fringed jewelry and accessories -- and even a lampshade. You'll learn to create dazzling trims that vary from precisely patterned symmetrical fringe to highly textural free-form tassels.

About the Teacher

Myra Wood
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2. Episode: Building Dimension With Simple Stitches 20min
3. Episode: Creating a Focal Point 18min
4. Episode: Creating Dimension With Pattern 21min
5. Episode: Completing Stand-Alone Projects 19min
6. Episode: Embellishments & Appliqués 21min
7. Episode: Fringe & Beaded Accents 23min


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