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Shoot to Process for Travel Photography
Shoot to Process for Travel Photography
Lee Varis
From shoot to post-processing, capture travel photos as beautiful as the moments you experienced!
Curiously Similar
Capture majestic mountain ranges and colorful fall foliage with innovative techniques for spectacular landscape photos.
Adam Jones
with Adam Jones
Photograph the unique beauty of any locale like a pro!
Jad Davenport
with Jad Davenport
Master technical skills to capture the coast in awe-inspiring images!
Kurt Budliger
with Kurt Budliger
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Everyone is always asking me what piece of fancy gear will make their photos better. The truth is, while new equipment is nice, it’s unlikely to improve your work on its own. In fact, extraordinary photos are made all the time on basic equipment (you've seen those iPhone ads!). Instead, I clue newbies in on the real secret for awesome shots: Make more photographs, don't snap more frames. Commit that motto to memory, grab your camera, and let's get started.
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Shoot to Process for Travel Photography