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Learn how to harness the power of your KitchenAid® Stand Mixer for better, easier meals, from dinner to dessert.

Episode descriptions

The Paddle
1 . Episode: The Paddle

Meet cookbook author Jeanne Kelley and get started mixing, mashing, blending and creaming with your mixer's paddle attachment. Make a speedy carrot-yam mash, throw together a quick tart crust or make lightning-fast sugar cookies. Last-minute treats don't have to be store-bought!

The Whisk
2 . Episode: The Whisk

Whip up fluffy Italian meringue to adorn a tart, or make speedy and decadent buttercream to frost cupcakes. The mixer leaves your hands free to carefully blend in your sugar syrup at just the right speed. Prefer a savory treat? Gougères -- little cheesy puffs -- are just the thing.

The Dough Hook
3 . Episode: The Dough Hook

Let your dough hook do your kneading for you when you're working with super-sticky doughs. Jeanne mixes up dough for a rustic three-cheese pizza better than any takeout you've ever had, then prepares a honey whole wheat cinnamon pull-apart loaf studded with hazelnuts. Yum!

Pasta Attachments
4 . Episode: Pasta Attachments

Roll and cut homemade pasta more easily and accurately than ever using your mixer's attachments! Follow along as Jeanne mixes up, rolls and cuts dough for pappardelle and fettuccine, then prepares sauces that let the fresh quality of the pasta to shine through.

Food Grinder
5 . Episode: Food Grinder

You'll know exactly what's going into your meatballs and sausages -- high-quality, fresh ingredients -- when you use your mixer's food grinder and sausage-stuffing attachments. Learn to make beef meatballs to serve with a rich sauce, and spicy Spanish chorizo sausage!

Ice Cream Maker
6 . Episode: Ice Cream Maker

With the freezer attachment for your mixer, you don't need another kitchen gadget to make seasonal sorbets and artisanal ice cream whenever the mood strikes. Orange blossom sorbet is perfect for a hot summer day, or try making salted caramel ice cream with Jeanne's guidance. A perfect finish for any meal!

About the Teacher

Jeanne Kelley
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