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      Dramatic Cake Design: Luscious Lace
      Dramatic Cake Design: Luscious Lace
      Sonja McLean
      Create three designs as alluring and chic as any cake from the most stylish boutique! Learn to make breathtaking sugar lace and so much more.
      Curiously Similar
      Confidently create designs that complement any client's style or theme. Become a more versatile decorator as you make cute, steampunk, romantic and gothic cakes.
      Tracey Rothwell
      Tracey Rothwell
      Discover decorating bliss as you create your most colorful, beautiful cakes. Learn simple fondant techniques for eye-catching textures, patterns and toppers.
      Violet Lin Tran
      Violet Lin Tran
      Master runway-ready bows and gorgeous wafer-paper designs that will make every party feel like a VIP event!
      Eva  Salazar
      Eva Salazar
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      Cake decorating, like fashion, changes every single season. These are the gorgeous styles blowing up our feeds this summer.
      Kristin Bellini
      Humidity ruins our hair, our makeup and — you guessed it — our fondant. If you've spent much time with fondant, you know it gets hard to handle, sticky, and way too soft in balmy climates. And there's something completely cruel about wedding cake season being right in the thick of the summer, when fondant is on its worst behavior. Luckily, there are a few ways around this, so your cake decorations, figurines and fondant flowers can live on and avoid looking like a melty midsummer's mess.Set of 6 Cupcakes with Fondant DecorationsCheck these tips for working with fondant in humid climates
      Jessie Oleson Moore
      Sure, you could make a ho-hum cake, and nobody would complain (because, you know, it's cake). But if you're after "oohs" and "ahhs" from your crew, take that cake, mash it with some frosting and transform it into the most amazing cake pops in the mythical universe. Don't worry — they're way easier to make than they look.
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      Dramatic Cake Design: Luscious Lace