Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques

1h 49min intermediate Resources

Say goodbye to serger struggles! Learn to troubleshoot problems for tension, thread balance, sewing on slippery fabrics and more.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet your instructor Sara Snuggerud, an expert in sergers and serger troubleshooting. Sara will teach you how to get great results from your serger even if you use it infrequently. She'll also give a basic overview of how to use this reference class. Don't be afraid of your serger!

Threads & Threading
2 . Episode: Threads & Threading

Get to know your serger. Begin with reviewing the basic parts of the serger and how to make good thread choices for your machine. Then learn correct spool placement and how to thread properly for efficient serging. You'll also learn Sara's tips and tricks for tying threads on for fast rethreading.

Achieving Balanced Serged Seams
3 . Episode: Achieving Balanced Serged Seams

Identify good stitching versus unbalanced stitching with Sara's tricks for finding the best tension on your machine. Learn how to serge a good seam and troubleshoot any potential tension problems. Remember to always test your stitching on the same fabric as your final project for best results.

Understanding Needle & Looper Action
4 . Episode: Understanding Needle & Looper Action

Sara helps you understand serger loopers and needles, how they work together and how to fix a looper thread break. You'll also learn all about what serger needles do, when to change them and how to pick the right needle for your machine and project.

Serger Knives & Cutting Width
5 . Episode: Serger Knives & Cutting Width

Learn all about your serger's knife. Sara will show you how to adjust the knife for the stitch width and fabric type. Then she'll show you why it's important to keep your knife engaged even when you're not using it to trim a seam. You'll also learn how to identify an old knife and when to replace it.

Serging With Decorative Threads
6 . Episode: Serging With Decorative Threads

Decorative threads make any project more fun! Sara shows you how to use ribbon and wooly nylon in your machine and demonstrates the adjustments to accommodate these different-sized threads. Then learn how to stitch the perfect rolled hem and how to use a decorative flatlock stitch for added punch.

Serging Challenging Fabrics
7 . Episode: Serging Challenging Fabrics

Learn the special techniques your serger can do! First, understand how to use the differential feed and the different kinds of fabrics best suited for this setting. Then learn how to prevent overstretching and achieve an even feed. Also, use a gathering foot to make fun projects with gorgeous gathers.

Maintaining Your Serger
8 . Episode: Maintaining Your Serger

Sara teaches you how to perform simple serger maintenance you can do at home. Learn how to properly clean and oil your machine, identify any stitch plate problems and clean the tension disks. Finally, Sara will help you know when you need professional service for your machine.

About the Teacher

Sara Snuggerud
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3. Episode: Achieving Balanced Serged Seams 11min
4. Episode: Understanding Needle & Looper Action 13min
5. Episode: Serger Knives & Cutting Width 10min
6. Episode: Serging With Decorative Threads 23min
7. Episode: Serging Challenging Fabrics 12min
8. Episode: Maintaining Your Serger 11min


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Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques

Sara Snuggerud

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Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques