Settings for Success: Landscape Photography

2h 29min intermediate Resources

Capture incredible landscape photography by making easy adjustments. Learn to choose the right mode, focus, exposure, lens and more for any job.

Episode descriptions

Understanding Camera Modes
1 . Episode: Understanding Camera Modes

Meet professional photographer Marc Muench, your guide to capturing incredible landscape photography. First learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO interact with each other in different lighting situations. Then, find out how to take control of your images using manual mode.

2 . Episode: Focus

Learn all about how your camera focuses on landscape scenes as Marc demonstrates how to use single-shot and single-point auto focus. You'll gain a better understanding of how to use focus assist for precision photographs and how to differentiate, and minimize, camera shake and out-of-focus shots.

Evaluative Exposure
3 . Episode: Evaluative Exposure

Marc shows you the settings you need to know to work toward a great exposure. He'll show you how to use shutter speed to compensate for very bright or very dark days, vary the EV compensation and read the histogram to make vital decisions for perfect exposure.

Lenses & Focal Length
4 . Episode: Lenses & Focal Length

Use a variety of lenses and focal lengths to add depth and dimension to your photographs. Marc shows you best practices for working with wide-angle lenses and using the distortion they create to your advantage. In addition, find out how to test and control barrel distortion and chromatic aberration.

Depth of Field
5 . Episode: Depth of Field

Learn how aperture settings affect the depth of field in your photos. Marc also demonstrates how to test and find your camera's sweet spot, or the optimal setting with the greatest corner-to-corner sharpness. He'll also explain how to find the hyperfocal point, resulting in sharp, crisp images.

Panoramic Settings
6 . Episode: Panoramic Settings

Learn all about panoramic photography settings and how to use a nodal slide for perfectly seamed panoramic shots with close-range objects in view. Next, learn how to create handheld panoramas in portrait and landscape positions. You'll also see how to use a normal lens to take panoramas.

Creative Camera Tricks
7 . Episode: Creative Camera Tricks

Use the technical knowledge you just learned to do creative tricks with your camera! Marc shows you how to drag your camera for a flowy, colorful look, and you'll learn how to use filters with long exposure to create movement within your photos. Plus, discover how to take professional-looking selfies.

About the Teacher

Marc Muench
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Settings for Success: Landscape Photography

Marc Muench

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Settings for Success: Landscape Photography