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Save Our Stitches: Fixing Crochet Mistakes
Save Our Stitches: Fixing Crochet Mistakes
Andi Smith
Never let another mishap hold you back! Learn how to avoid, find and fix mistakes, so you can finish every crochet project with confidence.
Curiously Similar
Achieve better crochet, beautiful results and fewer mistakes in any project! Learn techniques for clean cast-ons, tidy edges, basic decreases and more.
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
Seam every project cleanly and easily with the best join for the job. From simple situations to specialty stitch patterns, bring it all together with confidence.
Lindsey  Stephens
with Lindsey Stephens
Stitch your way to better crochet! Develop a better understanding of patterns, measure gauge and play with stitch construction for better results.
Edie Eckman
with Edie Eckman
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You want to make a lickety split crochet project? Great. Perhaps you already know that you should choose a pattern made with bulky yarn and a large crochet hook. A small one-skein project would be really fast.
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If knitting and crochet had a baby, it’d be Tunisian crochet. And boy would that baby be cute! That’s because this technique, also known as Afghan crochet, combines the best parts of the two styles.
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Can combining two classics give you something modern and fresh? When those classics are the crochet granny square and the log cabin quilt block, the answer is a resounding yes. It looks all fancy, but really, if you know how to crochet a granny square (or are willing to learn) and are comfortable with mid-row color changes, you can consider this puppy your next project.
by Kathryn Vercillo
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Save Our Stitches: Fixing Crochet Mistakes