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The Baker's Guide to French Breads
The Baker's Guide to French Breads
Jeffrey Hamelman
Make bakery-worthy baguettes that loved ones will devour! King Arthur's Certified Master Baker Jeffrey Hamelman shows you how.
Curiously Similar
Make impressive artisan breads at home! King Arthur Flour's Amber Eisler shows you how to work with pre-ferments for bakery-worthy results.
Amber Eisler
with Amber Eisler
Make artisanal sourdough your household norm. Discover the techniques you need to make a variety of sourdough breads, from starter to beautifully baked loaves.
Richard Miscovich
with Richard Miscovich
Instructor and author Peter Reinhart's fresh perspective on bread-making goes beyond the recipes and raises your baking skills to another level.
Peter Reinhart
with Peter Reinhart
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This is not a test. We've got a pizza dough recipe that only takes 10 minutes to prep and requires just two ingredients. It's a kitchen miracle, and we're happy to share it with you. Now run, don't walk, to your nearest cheese aisle for mozzarella.
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Every great pie starts with a carefully constructed crust. But, tragically, that's also the most intimidating part. To set you up for pie success, we're sharing a few of baker extraordinaire Gesine Bullock-Prado's top tips. These little nuggets of expert advice come from Gesine's class, Pies & Tarts for Every Season — consider this an exclusive sneak peek.
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On the list of great summertime activities, baking bread usually falls somewhere around downhill skiing and making snowmen. Pulling a fresh loaf from the oven seems wintery to us — or at least it did until we met this summery triple berry focaccia.
by Nicole Weston
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The Baker's Guide to French Breads