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      Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques
      Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques
      Catherine V. Holmes
      Bring your drawings to life as you make shading simple and fun! Take all the mystery out of value, interpreting light, mark-making techniques and more.
      Curiously Similar
      Draw in three dimensions! Use easy-to-learn techniques to depict objects with realistic form.
      Charles Valsechi
      Charles Valsechi
      Improve your drawing skills as you capture the beauty of nature.
      Kathleen  McKeehen
      Kathleen McKeehen
      Train your hands and your eyes to work together for fantastic drawings.
      Kateri Ewing
      Kateri Ewing
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      If you've only ever used pen and ink to draw basic lines, you are missing out! While simple lines can absolutely create dramatic drawings, there's another technique that will totally change the look of your drawings: an ink wash.
      Sara Barnes
      If I had to give you one piece of advice on how to progress as an artist, it would be this: Keep a daily sketchbook.
      Kateri Ewing
      Next time you're in the art supply store, make a beeline straight for the colored pencils. It's an affordable medium that's booming in popularity, and there are more supports, accessories, types of pencils, and curated sets available than ever before. Really. We talked to three experts about why colored pencils just might be your next favorite thing.
      Elaine Lipson
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      Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques