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Learn how to use your embroidery machine to make quick, perfectly stitched appliqué!

Episode descriptions

Single-Layer Appliqué
1 . Episode: Single-Layer Appliqué

As you learn single-layer appliqué techniques on your embroidery machine, you'll make a cute in-the-hoop pincushion for yourself or a gift.

Multi-Hoop Appliqué
2 . Episode: Multi-Hoop Appliqué

Learn multi-hoop techniques as you add a pretty layered design of blossoms and leaves to a blouse.

Raw Edge Appliqué
3 . Episode: Raw Edge Appliqué

You'll make a bold contemporary pillow as you learn raw edge techniques, adding a contrasting band and border and envelope-style pillow back.

Appliqué for a Tote Bag
4 . Episode: Appliqué for a Tote Bag

Learn how to work with heavier stabilizers and multiple design elements as you appliqué and embroider a bold floral design on this sturdy tote.

Constructing the Tote Bag
5 . Episode: Constructing the Tote Bag

Once the pocket is embellished, assemble the tote with sturdy webbing straps, a boxed bottom and lining.

In-the-Hoop Appliqué Pocket
6 . Episode: In-the-Hoop Appliqué Pocket

The retro design of this hexagon flower pocket has a trendy paper-pieced look, but it's a snap to make in the hoop. Add fussy-cut sections to show off your favorite fabrics.

Sewing an Apron
7 . Episode: Sewing an Apron

Stitch up your apron with easy sewing techniques, assembling layers, applying the pocket, gathering and sewing the waistband, and attaching the ties.

About the Teacher

JoAnn Connolly
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Lindee Goodall
Lindee Goodall
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Sue O'Very
Sue O'Very
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Lisa Archer
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Single-Layer Appliqué
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