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Decorating From the Inside Out
Decorating From the Inside Out
Amanda Rettke
Make five different surprise-inside cakes and countless amazing memories. Decorate beautiful cakes with messages, designs and all kinds of fun hidden inside!
Curiously Similar
Learn carving and decorating skills to make sensational, spherical cakes simple. Create the perfect cakes for anyone who loves sports or fun in the sun.
Kimberly  Bailey
Kimberly Bailey
Make the most colorful and creative novelty cakes anyone has ever seen! Decorate three jaw-dropping designs with no mess, no stress and no sculpting.
Shawna McGreevy
Shawna McGreevy
Join Craftsy expert Rachael Teufel to unlock the magic of smooth, pliable modeling chocolate!
Rachael Teufel
Rachael Teufel
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Decorating From the Inside Out