Artistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch

2h 26min advanced Resources

Advance your digitizing skills in a fun, artistic exploration of redwork, monograms and more!

Episode descriptions

Tool Refresher
1 . Episode: Tool Refresher

Meet your instructor, digitizing and embroidery educator Cookie Gaynor, as she gives you an overview of what you'll learn in this class. Dive into a software refresher as Cookie reviews how to trace outlines, add lettering, fill and outline stitching and create freehand elements in your designs.

Redwork Portraits
2 . Episode: Redwork Portraits

Create sophisticated redwork portraits that capture your favorite smiles. Learn to select successful reference photos and work efficiently with tools for redwork, including the running stitch, manual punch and region-fill tools. Cookie will also share her secrets for digitizing flattering facial features such as eyes and smiles.

3 . Episode: Silhouettes

Learn how easy it is to create beautiful silhouettes using photos of friends, family, pets and more. You'll select photos, digitize outlines and choose from a variety of fill stitches to create unique looks. Cookie walks you through various ways to use the auto-digitizing feature in your software to your advantage.

Designing an In-the-Hoop Flower
4 . Episode: Designing an In-the-Hoop Flower

Continue to improve your design skills as Cookie walks you through the entire process for a beautiful in-the-hoop flower. Use the shape and mirror tools to lay in the design, weigh stitch placement options that create the best sewn samples, and select the best stitch order for your project.

Stitching the In-the-Hoop Flower
5 . Episode: Stitching the In-the-Hoop Flower

Transform your flower from a digital design to a physical creation as you stabilize, hoop and stitch out the layers of your in-the-hoop project. Cookie suggests valuable troubleshooting tips as she helps you create a gorgeous, expert-level flower that you can use on any project of your liking.

6 . Episode: Monograms

Monograms are a time-honored embroidery tradition, and this lesson explains how to make the most of your software to create stunning personalized designs. Choose among various borders and fonts before exploring density, fill and design options that can change your design from traditional to modern with a few clicks.

Merging Designs
7 . Episode: Merging Designs

Cookie wraps up the class with ways to merge various design elements into a custom monogram. Add snazzy borders, playful patterns and beautiful satin stitching to your design and embellish it with flourishes. Stitch them out with step-by-step instructions on a piped pillow project that you can make in an afternoon!

About the Teacher

Cookie Gaynor
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Artistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch

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Artistic Digitizing: From Inspiration to Stitch