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Add sparkle and shine to your lace! Laura Nelkin shows you how easy and rewarding it is to incorporate beads into your knitting projects.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Laura Nelkin is back with a wonderful addition to your knitting: Beads! You'll take a look at the three projects you'll make in this class and learn about the Craftsy platform.

2 . Episode: Techniques
1h 17min

Get help choosing the best beads and yarn for your projects. Then learn three techniques for placing beads. You'll be introduced to nupps and how to fix mistakes.

Pioneer Cuff Part 1
3 . Episode: Pioneer Cuff Part 1

Learn to knit a fashionable cuff bracelet! Practice your new bead knitting skills as you begin this small project.

Pioneer Cuff Part 2
4 . Episode: Pioneer Cuff Part 2

In this lesson, you'll finish the Pioneer Cuff, changing it from a flat piece of knitting into a bracelet. Bind off, block and add clasps to your cuff.

Accola Shawl 1
5 . Episode: Accola Shawl 1

Learn the basics of choosing yarn and beads, and work up a swatch, which is an important element of any lace project. Laura designed the Accola shawl just for this class.

Accola Shawl 2
6 . Episode: Accola Shawl 2

Now that you have the basics down, begin knitting the Accola. Follow along with Laura row by row as the lace pattern develops. Complete lace charts are included.

Accola Shawl 3
7 . Episode: Accola Shawl 3

Create the border and learn to shape the shawl's center panel. Laura shares tips on how to keep track of your place in the pattern and how to pick up stitches.

Accola Shawl 4
8 . Episode: Accola Shawl 4

Time to unzip your provisional cast-on and add the top edging and other finishing touches. Laura also reviews blocking, an important step in any lace project.

Clarus Shawl With Beads
9 . Episode: Clarus Shawl With Beads

The lovely Clarus shawl is a familiar favorite to Laura's students in Mastering Lace Shawls. You'll learn how to add beads to this included pattern.

Bonus: Adding Beads to Other Patterns
10 . Episode: Bonus: Adding Beads to Other Patterns

Once you know how to knit with beads, you'll want to add beaded touches to your other projects. Laura demonstrates on the feather-and-fan and leaf stitch patterns.

About the Teacher

Laura Nelkin
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