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Learn to crochet your own custom bags step by step! Mix and match stitches, swap in new features and add fun embellishments in two simple projects.

Episode descriptions

Project Bag Options
1 . Episode: Project Bag Options

Learn the ins and outs of bag construction as Karen walks you through how to start your next crochet project with confidence. Open up your bag's potential by examining the two patterns to learn common pitfalls and helpful modifications before you start.

Stitch Pattern Options
2 . Episode: Stitch Pattern Options

Karen shares three interchangeable stitches to make customization easy. The leafhopper stitch takes double crochet to the next level with more stability and stretch. Learn the pitfalls of the star stitch and keep it from slanting. Finally try your hand at colorwork with the zigzag pip stitch.

Working the Round Bag
3 . Episode: Working the Round Bag

The Mother Earth bag is the perfect size to take your next project on the road. This in-the-round bag starts with the magic ring technique to give your bag a solid foundation, then uses offset increases to keep the bottom round. Karen stabilizes the bottom to make sure your yarn won't stretch and sits flat.

Starting the Rectangular Bag
4 . Episode: Starting the Rectangular Bag

Karen offers helpful tips to keep you from skipping stitches and explains how to gauge your bag properly as you start the rectangular bag with gussets. Discover how to make a chain stitch and double crochet at the same time to jump-start projects with long chain cast-ons.

Assembling the Rectangular Bag
5 . Episode: Assembling the Rectangular Bag

Shape and stabilize your bags with seaming! Karen guides you through the steps to make sure you have professional edges for your gussets and handles. No matter your style, you're sure to find a favorite way to seam up your bag among the three options Karen shows you.

Additional Customizations
6 . Episode: Additional Customizations

Customize your bag for any occasion by combining the techniques to fit your needs. Whether you want to add pockets and clips or change the handles and closures, Karen shows you simple modifications to make the bag your own. The possibilities are endless!

About the Teacher

Karen Whooley
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2. Episode: Stitch Pattern Options 29min
4. Episode: Starting the Rectangular Bag 16min
5. Episode: Assembling the Rectangular Bag 20min
6. Episode: Additional Customizations 9min


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Project Bag Options
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