Tunisian Crochet: Revolutions in Color and Style

4h 11min intermediate Resources

Made with a tool that's a cross between a crochet hook and a knitting needle, Tunisian crochet adds great texture and beautiful color to Jennifer Hansen's versatile and stylish garment.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet Jennifer Hansen, the Stitch Diva. Learn the history of Tunisian crochet and get introduced to the Tunisian hook.

Foundation Stitches
2 . Episode: Foundation Stitches

Jennifer teaches you the foundation stitches of Tunisian crochet and how to set up a row.

Other Stitches
3 . Episode: Other Stitches

Increase your Tunisian crocheting skill with these new stitches, including the knit stitch, reverse stitch and more.

Color Palettes the Easy Way
4 . Episode: Color Palettes the Easy Way

Jennifer shares some of her favorite websites that will assist you in creating color palettes for your Tunisian garments.

Three Color Tunisian Technique
5 . Episode: Three Color Tunisian Technique

Jennifer teaches you the three-color Tunisian technique and how to manage multiple ends.

Starting the Multi-Garment
6 . Episode: Starting the Multi-Garment

Start the multi-garment, a versatile, fashion-forward wrap that can be worn eight different ways.

First Ripple Stitch
7 . Episode: First Ripple Stitch

Crochet reverse and ripple stitches into your multi-garment and learn to incorporate increases and decreases.

Color Insertion
8 . Episode: Color Insertion

Incorporate the three-color Tunisian technique into your multi-garment, in addition to yarn-over and purl stitches and color insertion.

Extended Striping
9 . Episode: Extended Striping
1h 1min

The multi-garment home stretch: learn to extend stitches, weave in your ends and add shoelace edging.

Style Session
10 . Episode: Style Session

Flaunt your multi-garment in style! Learn the myriad of ways to wear your fashionable garment.

About the Teacher

Jennifer Hansen
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Tunisian Crochet: Revolutions in Color and Style

Jennifer Hansen

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Tunisian Crochet: Revolutions in Color and Style