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Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More
Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More
Chris Bylsma
Cleanly and confidently pick up stitches along any edge, straight or curved. Learn the skills you need to add edgings, hems, necklines and more.
Curiously Similar
Knit clean, matching sets of increases and decreases for projects with better shaping, tantalizing textural embellishments and fewer mistakes!
Aurora Sisneros
with Aurora Sisneros
Bring incredible color and shaping to your projects as you conquer multiple methods for knitting short rows!
Carol Feller
with Carol Feller
Learn to stitch up your seams with expert ease as instructor Chris Bylsma teaches you the secrets to seaming handknits! 
Chris Bylsma
with Chris Bylsma
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The difference between a pair of hand-knit socks and the ones from the store is sort of like the difference between cotton and cashmere. (No offense to cotton! Cashmere is just extra.) If you've ever put on a pair, you know that hand-knit equals exceptional warm and cozy foot happiness. So even if you're a beginner knitter, they're totally worth the effort.
by Ashley Little
As a super busy mother of three, I often feel like I have to justify the time I spend knitting. There are so many demands on my time, it sometimes feels a little selfish to prioritize what at first glance may look like a hobby. But, my friends, it is so much more than a hobby. Knitting keeps me sane, keeps me focused, and, without a doubt, makes me a better person.
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Picking Up Stitches: Necklines, Hems & More