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Sweetheart Shawls
Sweetheart Shawls
Kristin Omdahl
Add new lace knitting skills to your repertoire - and make a romantic wrap for yourself or a gift. Best-selling designer Kristin Omdahl shows you how.
Curiously Similar
Learn to knit two beautiful lace shawls with Laura Nelkin as she sends you on a lace journey that is out of this world!
Laura Nelkin
with Laura Nelkin
Knit amazing Estonian lace! Learn to create the nupps, openwork patterns and edgings that make this storied style so special.
Nancy  Bush
with Nancy Bush
Learn to love lace with designer Romi Hill as you knit her absolutely stunning “Fiori Autunnali” V-shaped shawl.
Romi Hill
with Romi Hill
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Sweetheart Shawls