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Add trendy techniques to your jewelry tool kit with a versatile new material: epoxy clay. Mixed-media artist Debbi Simon shows you how to use it to create jewelry looks from faded to flashy.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Debbi Simon shows you the techniques and materials you'll need to make epoxy clay jewelry from in a variety of styles.

2 . Episode: Basics

Debbi starts you off with a look at the materials and tools you'll be using. Learn how to mix and color the clay and get some tips on cleanup and curing.

Simple Bezels
3 . Episode: Simple Bezels

Start making jewelry by working with bezels and placing stones, shells and crystals in the clay.

Advanced Bezels
4 . Episode: Advanced Bezels

Once you've mastered the simple bezel, try something a little fancier! Debbi demonstrates how to make beads, use channel settings and work with found objects.

Textures & Stamps
5 . Episode: Textures & Stamps

Debbi guides you through adding detail to your work with rubber stamps, pearlized inks, and color.

6 . Episode: Transfers

Learn how to use images and photos to make your new jewelry look vintage and funky! Debbi also shows you how to avoid and correct common mistakes.

Working with Molds
7 . Episode: Working with Molds

Learn how to make molds and use castings to create original shapes for your jewelry.

Making Free Form Shapes
8 . Episode: Making Free Form Shapes

You can create any shape with epoxy clay and make it truly your own. Follow along with Debbi as you roll, oil and texture your clay. You can even add marbling!

Building and Constructing with Clay
9 . Episode: Building and Constructing with Clay

Add filigree and other textural embellishments to your jewelry pieces for a one-of-a-kind look.

Making Armatures
10 . Episode: Making Armatures

Armatures are the underlying structure for your clay pieces. Debbi shows you how to work with wire armatures or use natural items to give your piece strength.

Finishing Techniques
11 . Episode: Finishing Techniques

Your jewelry is almost done! Debbi gives you tips on sanding, drilling, and adding findings to your masterpiece.

Bonus: Shadow Box
12 . Episode: Bonus: Shadow Box

In this bonus lesson, Debbi shows you how to make an artsy and trendy shadow-box necklace!

About the Teacher

Debbi Simon
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