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      Brilliant Knit Beads
      Brilliant Knit Beads
      Betsy Hershberg
      Author and self-described "left-brained knitter" Betsy Hershberg shows you how to knit unique jewelry pieces from glittering seed beads and delicious yarns.
      Curiously Similar
      Add sparkle and shine to your lace! Laura Nelkin shows you how easy and rewarding it is to incorporate beads into your knitting projects.
      Laura Nelkin
      Laura Nelkin
      Combine beadwork with weaving for beautiful cuffs that are accessible and eye-catching! Create jewelry designs that fit your style and learn to weave with beads on three different looms, including one you make yourself.
      Claudia  Chase
      Claudia Chase
      Enhance any project with eye-catching beaded embroidery! Learn techniques for dimensional designs, elegant beaded fringe, embellished accessories and more.
      Myra Wood
      Myra Wood
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      Sherri Sylvester
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      Fall is bringing on some serious knitting vibes, and as if we weren't already itching to stitch ... it's festival season! Nope, we're not talking music here. These fairs are all about fiber.
      Ashley Little
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      Brilliant Knit Beads