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Join host Paul Costabile for an extreme doodling adventure! In this reality competition series, 16 talented artists flex their creative muscles to impress judges Jon Chad (of "Ink Outside the Box" on Bluprint) and Zoe Hong (fashion designer and illustrator). Each episode features two Doodle Warriors...Read more

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A Story in 3 Acts
1. A Story in 3 Acts
This Doodle War features two professional cartoonists going head to head. Hilary Campbell (Sonoma, California) takes on Jason Chatfield (Perth, Austra...Read more
Fear the Sphere
2. Fear the Sphere
Doodling is easy right? Anyone can do it. Unless the surface to be doodled is a giant sphere! Fear the Sphere pits McKenzie Young (Athens, Georgia) ag...Read more
Munny Mania
3. Munny Mania
In Munny Mania, D'ana Nunez (Miami) and Max Knoblauch (Allentown, Pennsylvania) are given an assortment of blank Munny figurines from kidrobot.com and...Read more
Set My Doodle Free!
4. Set My Doodle Free!
No longer will doodles be trapped in the flat confines of the two-dimensional world! Doodle Warriors Aimee Curran (Los Angeles) and Joe Kinney (Bloomf...Read more
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